Founders Bootcamp Alumni Spotlight- OneStopPaleoShop (S16-FBGB)

OneStopPaleoShop, a California-based company that specializes in providing select Paleo food products, graduated from the Founders First Business Growth Bootcamp in Spring 2016.

In 2014, CEO Chris Deon experienced a sudden loss of a family member, due to cancer.  Shortly after, he discovered that people suffering from autoimmune diseases were not able to find reliable dietary information. This manifested the motto, “Food is Medicine,” the core belief of OneStopPaleoShop. Like many individuals and families affected by cancer, Chris was devastated by the unbalanced and high-sugar diets people were eating and devoted himself to create a business that provides online access to meal plans and nutrition guidelines.

Prior to attending the Bootcamp, Chris and his management team had been in business for over five years. Although their business idea had grown, the company faced two major challenges: unclear vision of its “ideal customer profile” and minimal online presence.

Initially, Chris joined the Bootcamp to learn about alternative ways for raising capital. However, the time spent with his mentors and the Founders team taught him that there was more to growing his company than simply seeking funds.

Under the guidance of Founders First Growth Bootcamp, OneStopPaleoShop decided to shift their go-to-market strategy to tailoring its products to fit the needs of the at-risk population. Their biggest internal change was creating a new sustainable business model focused on market needs and appropriate product pricing.

“The most striking insight I gained from the Bootcamp modules was the proper [sales] strategy course with regards to our customer acquisition and relationships. We were taught how to challenge, educate and guide our consumers’ decisions in such a way that builds mutual trust, confidence, and strong relationships.”
– Chris Deon

After completing the program, implementing new strategies, and updating their business plan to outline recurring revenue streams, OneStopPaleoShop has seen tremendous company growth as indicated by a 50% revenue increase. In addition to growing their revenue, OneStopPaleoShop has formed more partnerships and brought onboard new team members, which made a new warehouse opening in Pasadena, CA into reality.

Future Expansions of OneStopPaleoShop:  

The company’s end goal is to become the leading location for all internet and personal searches related to the Paleo diet and autoimmune disease protocols. Chris expects his company will quadruple their revenue by the end of 2017. Looking ahead, OneStopPaleoShop plans to form new strategic alliances with additional community leaders who share a similar vision and passion for their niche market. During this year, Chris announced a new partnership with the Jan Reissman organization and hopes to expand their network to other leading medical associations and local development organizations.

New additions to their website include the customer VIP program and new reward points system, both of which will continue to be a focal point for the company. Currently, OneStopPaleoShop is producing $750K in revenue but expects to reach a cash flow of $6M with a future goal of $25M in the upcoming years.

“Make your finance team your profit team, not your cost center”.
-Chris Deon

After undergoing the Bootcamp, Chris and his team developed an understanding of how minor alterations in processes and certain product/services, based on trends, can lead a path for continuation of revenue. Before, they would only view and accept the company’s finances as is, but didn’t identify the challenge point of transition from static profit to exponential profit. Now, they conduct customer surveys and implement tracking systems to gain a better insight on the influential trends, as well as maintaining a more catered relationship with the customers.

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