Founders Bootcamp Alumni Spotlight: FIT Solutions (W18-FBGB)

FIT Solutions is a one of a kind company that aims to provide IT consulting and support to businesses between 10 – 2000 employees. Ephraim Ebstein is the CEO of FIT Solutions, and along with co-founder, Joel Richey, started their company to fill the gap of high-quality customer service in the IT industry. Ephraim began his career as an engineer and worked for a number of companies across San Diego County.

Before they began their venture, getting IT service was a long, painful a process. When clients called for IT support, they would first be connected to the help desk and then assigned a Tier 1 Technician where they would try to troubleshoot and solve the issues. If the technician wasn’t able to solve an issue, a client would be passed along to the Senior Technician, and then to a Senior Manager and so on. This bottleneck could cost the client anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour.

 Ephraim took what he learned from the different business that he previously worked for and created FIT Solutions. They have sped up this process by skipping the help desk altogether and only hiring the highest level Engineering Consultants to work for them. Every time customers call in, they speak to an Engineer from their dedicated support team. It’s similar to having a personal concierge. FIT Solutions provides faster resolutions and a better customer experience by offering the highest-quality service and a level of familiarity between client and Engineer. Their vision and mission is to make IT support a wonderful experience, and they are accomplishing this by hiring A-players.

Ephraim and Joel took the risk to open FIT Solutions because they felt they could do a better job after already working with other businesses that were not focused on certain aspects of excellent customer service. They saw it more as an opportunity to excel than a risk to fail. FIT Solutions’ main competitive advantage is that they have a faster process for IT support by having high-level engineers act as consultants. With a faster IT support system, the employees are able to perform better, which then translates to happier customers for them.

However, they have had some challenges in the past. FIT Solutions once had a customer terminate their contract due to their budget limitations. The customer went on to sign a contract with another IT company, but after six short months, they sought out FIT Solutions again because of their impeccable customer experience and ability to reduce downtime for their employees, compared to their competitors. Another challenge for FIT Solutions is to be patient in their hiring process for A-players only. They are growing very quickly and need to make more hires, but they never want to compromise talent because of time constraints. Each hire is an investment in the company’s success, so they try not to rush their decisions. Ephraim, Joel, and Executive Director Kelly Denham joined the Founders Growth Bootcamp because they saw an opportunity to improve their business processes. They wanted to focus on restructuring their accounting department and developing a sales team. Each program module was able to give them certain gems that they had not necessarily been looking for,but found extremely valuable. By investing more into their accounting department, they were able to transform it into a profit center while also determining the best way to structure their sales department which has led to a year of exponential growth. Before joining the Bootcamp, FIT Solutions knew how to manage one monthly recurring revenue, but now it’s discovered more opportunities to increase its number of revenue streams with help from the Bootcamp’s business mentors.

At the end of 2018, FIT Solutions will be a $7 million company. In three years, they expect to be a $25 million company and in 5 years $50 million. They look to expand their Procurement and Professional Services offerings while also putting a heavy focus on their successful healthcare, legal and finance verticals. Since graduating from the Bootcamp, they have increased their revenues 40% by increasing volume of sales. Within two quarters, they nearly doubled their workforce. In the near future, they will be adding a sales and marketing team, which will help FIT Solutions scale even larger. Kelly’s advice to small business owners:

“Stay true to your vision. If you stand strong behind your business mission, you will succeed.”

-Kelly Denham, Executive Director at FIT Solutions

To learn more about FIT Solutions, check out their website here.


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