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Intuitive Edge Spotlight

Fall 2018 Dallas Elevate My Business Challenge: 2nd Place Winner Pitch Link: https://vimeo.com/309916553/8d19e64829 Company Bio: Intuitive Edge offers an alternative to traditional legal services by providing unique legal consulting, contract management, and contract administration services for enterprises. Intuitive Edge helps companies optimize their contract management programs, completes post M&A transition projects, and performs on-going contracts […]

Rhymes With Reason Spotlight

Music and education are an interesting combination that can help spark interest in today’s youth and allow them to learn in a more compelling way. This is what Austin Martin noticed before he launched his company Rhymes With Reason. His company aims to help improve literacy among kids in schools by using their favorite rap […]

Founders Bootcamp Alumni Spotlight: Quality Interactions (S18-FBGB)

Quality Interactions is a leading healthcare education company aiming to improve health outcomes as well as  returns for many medical practitioners. Michele Brown joined the already-existing company back in 2014 as a consultant. The company was founded by three medical doctors who were experts in health disparities and the difference between how some Americans receive […]

7 Secrets to Winning Your Next Pitch Competition: Part 3

By Sawmawn Soltani of LIFT Development Enterprises, Inc. Here we are again, discussing the important tactics needed to succeed during your pitch. Let’s get on with part three of our four-part series: 7 Secrets to Winning Your Next Pitch Competition. 4. Share Your Business Success and Traction: This next tip is pretty simple: Don’t sell […]

7 Secrets to Winning Your Next Pitch Competition: Part 2

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed part one of our four- part series on the seven secrets to winning a pitch competition. In this section we’ll dive deep into understanding your business economics, and tackling the idea of how to convey a compelling story. 2. Know your Business Economics: The second tip is to make […]

7 Secrets to Winning Your Next Pitch Competition: Part 1

Let’s face the facts: Pitch competitions are one of the newest and easiest ways to get your business funded with the right capital. However, there is a catch: You will likely have compete against numerous other businesses who are just as qualified as you are. The importance of standing out among everyone else is the […]